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541611 – Management Consulting Services
561320 – Temporary Help Services
561621 – Security System Services
541330 – Engineering Services
541512 – Computer Systems Design Services
423430 – Computer Equipment & Software Merchant
532412 – Construction Machinery & Equipment Rental/Leasing
334513 – Instruments and Related Products Manufacturing for Measuring, Displaying, and Controlling Industrial Process Variables
335999 – All Other Miscellaneous Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing
541380 – Testing Laboratories


What is a NAICS code?

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is used by businesses and governments to classify and measure economic activity in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. NAICS is a 6-digit code system that is currently the standard used by federal statistical agencies in classifying establishments (individual business locations). NAICS organizes establishments into industries according to the similarity in the processes used to produce goods or services. NAICS codes are important when seeking eligibility for government contracts.



How do businesses use NAICS codes?

  • Companies use NAICS codes to identify customers by industry code

  • Identifying government contracts by their NAICS description

  • Companies append NAICS codes to their customer list to determine what industries their customers operate in. For future marketing campaigns, companies know which industries to further market to.

  • Your NAICS code is often asked for on various applications and forms

  • State governments may offer tax incentives to businesses based on specified NAICS industries

  • If you plan to solicit work from a government body, you will be asked for your NAICS code

  • NAICS codes should be updated in relation to changes/modifications in business revenues

  • To identify competitors, public and private

  • State and Federal registrations

  • Tax purposes

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